To promote sound stewardship of community forest resources through tree advocacy and educational programs. Meet the council.

WHAT WE DO                                             
  • Support Tree City USA communities and Arbor Day activities through the Nebrsaka Community Forestry Conference.
  • Support ReTree Nebraska Ambassadors and ReTree Week, during the last week of September.
UNIQUELY NEBRASKA                             
Nebraska Forest Service Community Forestry and Sustainable Landscapes Program - program provides assistance to Nebraska communities and citizens with the intent of maintaining and enhancing the community forest resource across the state. Find resources.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum - more than 90 arboretums statewide, plant/landscape information and plant nursery, check out NSA today.

ReTree Nebraska Initiative - One town, one tree, one shovel at a time. More than 240 ambassadors in 90 communities are working toward planting 1 million trees. Report trees planted and other tree info.


What is a Community Forest? And Why Trees?                          

Trees in our landscapes, parks and along our streets  are the building blocks of what experts call our “urban or community forests,” the living, breathing, life-sustaining part of our human habitat. And when they’re properly planted and cared for, they can promote human health, save energy, reduce costs to taxpayers—and sometimes simply provide a much-needed place of solace in a community. That’s why in so many ways—some that are obvious and a lot we’re just learning about—trees are the key to growing vibrant communities.

So why trees? View the video below, courtesy of the Alabama Cooperative Extension. For how trees benefit our society, click here.